Selling your car from HOME…can be a real PAIN

Buyers not turning up, silly offers, getting those minor repairs sorted out, there is even the risk of fraud.

There is another way!

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All Major Credit Cards accepted

Welcome to SORmyCAR, a dedicated cars sales service, designed to help private car owners sell their cars with ZERO Hassle.

S-O-R stands for Sale Or Return, just like an estate agent, only for cars instead.

Here’s how it works…

We all know selling your car from home can be a real pain,

Buyers not turning up, silly offers, even the risk of theft or fraud, and not forgetting all those minor repairs.

PLUS to add insult to injury….private adverts don’t even get a look in, and here’s why:

Buyers want protection and peace of mind. Often the services of a car dealer are crucial during the car buying process, as a buyer will want to part exchange their old car, arrange finance and they want the protection of a warranty & the sale of goods act, all of which a private owner cannot provide.

This is what SORmyCAR will do,

Prepare the CAR | Advertise the CAR | Sell the CAR, with NO Upfront Costs!

What owners end up with is cash in the bank, with ZERO Hassle.

We believe a direct from owner car is a better deal for all involved as often cars are cherished and cared for, plus it gives buyers more confidence in the new car they are considering.

Our service has been developed over decades and our marketing & selling experience is now available to private owners of sports, prestige and 4*4 cars.

We do all the work so the car owner can carry on with what is most important for them; playing golf, time with the family etc.

SORmyCAR is great for buyers too. These cars are harder to buy privately, as the buyer will need all the cash upfront, sell their old car beforehand and know exactly what to look out for, as there is no recourse ‘IF’ the worst were to happen.

In short we help buyers and sellers of great cars, we think of this as a win-win.

IF, you are looking to buy or sell a car, the team at SORmyCAR are here to assist you and help make the whole process easier, quicker and all with ZERO hassle.

Erkan Ali – Managing Director

SORmyCAR Ltd. – UK’s Leading Car Sales Service.

RAC Warranty provided by SORmyCAR

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