Why SORmyCAR & Perfect Touch Performance,
and why now…?

After two decades of servicing and tuning cars Perfect Touch know how important your car is to you, it’s more than transport, it’s more than convenience or utility.

Your car, is your passion, and your love of driving goes without saying,
you know what….we feel the same!

Every adventure comes to an end, when the time comes to sell your car….it’s never easy selling your car from home, buyers not turning up, silly offers and there is the risk of theft or fraud, plus all the HASSEL, minor repairs, new MOT or just getting the car valeted, organising the advert, and arranging appointments etc. etc. there is more to selling a car than meets the eye.

There is another way!

SORmyCAR was specially designed to help car owners like you achieve a great price for their car, with ZERO Hassle.

Plus if you have a passion for driving our partnership with Perfect Touch Performance means top notch car preparation and there is even the opportunity to tweak or performance tune your new ride..?

We are always on the look out for great cars from great owners, our philosophy is all about helping car owners, buy, sell and enjoy their cars.

And that leaves you to,

‘Start Your Next Adventure’