vision and mission values sormycar

Our Vision

An Oasis for Car Enthusiasts

the Mission

Who are we?

Our passion for cars, performance and outstanding client service says everything about us.

We collaborate as a team to bring varied skill sets, understandings and abilities together to deliver a proposition that is unmatched in the UK.

We support and empower each other to deliver on our vision.

Who are our clients?

Our clients demand and respect, honesty, technical ability and competence, they are tired and irritated by the way they are treated in general by car related sales and service providers.

They want to be looked after as one would treat a good friend. Above all they want to enjoy their cars and their motoring experience.

What is our business?

Whatever our clients are looking for we are in a position to help them, whether it’s a new car for adventure, or something for family outings.

In short we help our clients, locate, purchase, tune, service and sell their cars, and we do this with charm, ease and outstanding client care.

We see car ownership as not only essential, but a privilege, we are dedicated to making that experience, fun, exciting and we love helping our clients have adventures of their own.

What makes us different?

It’s simple really,

We bring together, great car maintenance, servicing, performance tuning, buying and selling.

OUR 3 Points of difference;

Technical – Fully equipped performance workshop

Car Dealer Facilities – RAC Approved, Finance, Card Payment, Part-EX

Client Focused – Dedicated & Inspired TEAM

In short, everything car enthusiasts could possibly want and need.

We are car enthusiasts and are committed to giving everyone who calls upon us the very best experience possible, one that is worthy of ‘re-mark,’ we always aim for ‘client delight.’

Our Culture & Core Values

Transparency – Open book policy, nothing hidden.

Trust – with trust, anything is possible.

Honesty – Say it as it is, and keep going.

Passion – Doing what we love.

Service – It feels great to take care of others.

Fun – If, life gets boring, RISK IT…!

Adventure – Never forgetting, Life is for Living.

Teamwork – Makes the DREAM Work.

Stretching – Always learning and evolving.

Respect – Keep looking for what is possible.

Be Visible – Play our part in the Car SCENE.

Communication – Listening with Intention.

Innovation – Cool ways of doing things that make a difference.

Integrity – Doing what we say and doing it well.

Love – The acceptance of ourselves & others, it’s all we need.