Personal Finance Options

SORmyCAR Ltd. is FCA approved and has a Consumer Credit License which means they can search the entire UK market for the most innovative and competitive finance pages available.

Once the important decisions have been made, make, model, colour etc. it’s time to work out which financing options are right for you, SORmyCAR is able to offer a wide range of options to assist you the final choice.

These include;

Hire Purchase – Flexible terms to suite your lifestyle & requirements.

Lease Purchase – Offers options such as balloon payments, low initial payments, this allows for a newer and lower mileage options, which can pay dividends in the long run.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – Allows for a guaranteed future value on the vehicle (GFV) this minimises the variables and allows for clear budgeting prior to committing to a finance product.

The SORmyCAR team are on had to help clients with their particular requirements. The application process is relatively simple and finance plans can be approved within a day.

All in all, the financing of your next car can be relatively quick, simple and hassle free.