SORmyCAR (Sale or Return) Questions and Answers

Your TOP questions answered

How much will my car sell for?

Much like house valuations, it’s market driven, however with cars, the model, engine size, optional extras, colour, mileage, service history and age all play a part in a cars value. Long story short, if a quick sale is needed then generally a lower price is required, if you can wait then a higher price will be achieved.

We are here to help car owners sell their cars, so there is always a balance between higher price and length of time it takes to sell a car.

Reminder generally cars depreciate, so the longer it takes the lower the price may become.

How long will it take to sell my car?

We aim to sell a car within 2-4 weeks, as with all things, this may vary, higher price cars can often take longer, also certain cars are more desirable than others, this can vary by area and the seasons.

When will I get paid for my car?

Our aim is to pay car owners/suppliers within 24-48 hours of a car sale being completed.

What if I find my own buyer before SORmyCAR sell my car?

If, a sale has not been agreed and a deposit taken with a buyer by SORmyCAR, please give notice ASAP and your advert will be deleted. Reminder, we can arrange finance, warranty or take a part exchange for your buyer if required.

Will offers be passed onto me?

We will also forward offers made to buy your car, the choice is always yours whether to accept or not.

Can a trade sale be arranged?

Yes, this is by far the fastest way to sell your car.

What if my car needs work?

All cars are inspected and assessed; cars have to meet a minimum of RAC warranty standards, as all cars are sold with 6months RAC or with original manufacturers warranty.

Car preparation is priced before it will be advertised, so you are always clear what the preparations costs are for your car. Sellers are welcome to make their own arrangements for car preparation. Our sister company Perfect Touch Performance, will price the work which can be dealt with by their team, saving you time and expense.

Can I leave my car with SORmyCAR?

Yes, cars are kept on site or in our secure compound, which means you can register your car SORN and save on road tax.

What if I change my mind and decide to keep my car?

No problem, please notify SORmyCAR ASAP and your adverts will be canceled.

How long do you need my car for inspection, valeting & photos?

If waiting, we advise to allow between 45-90mins, depending on car condition and age, as all cars are inspected, test driven, valeted and photographed, plus some minor paperwork.

If leaving the car, just drop off and go, allow 10-20mins, the same applies, the team will inspected the car and report back with their findings.

Can you find me a car?

Yes, often cars are sold by sourcing, we have access to a national & international network of car suppliers and sellers, the rarer the more interesting.

Am I liable after my car is sold?

No, once the car is sold you have no liability.

What if my car has outstanding finance?

Once your car is sold, SORmyCAR will settle the outstanding finance and transfer the balance to you, after sales fees and car preparation costs are deducted.